With 2021 wrapped up and 2022 in full swing we'd like to first thank everyone who have supported us since we started. It was not easy starting in 2020 and Covid immediately happening, but we endured and we're stronger than ever. Below are some items you can expect to see early this year.


Near the end of 2021 we released our newly improved coiled aviator cables that now have larger colored aviators, larger and snappier coils, double sleeved, and an overall more meticulous and refined assembly process. We're immensely proud of this achievement, and we are confident in saying our prices and level of craftsmanship do not disappoint. As such, we are now open to collaboration.


Something else we've been cooking up are PCBs. We have finished the design and prototype phase of our Alice, 65%, and macro-pad layout, with 65% made and pending release. These are hot-swap, with LED under-glow. The macro-pad will also feature a mini display and our prototype side-glow.

We may release soldered versions but only for our custom line of acrylic keyboards which will allow for a more flexible customization of layouts. We have included a Strawpoll just for science.

Acrylic cases

These cases will be like our custom made to order acrylic cases with the exception that they are in-stock and only available in select colors, they will however, come with custom artwork on the case.

Other accessories + parts

WestM will strive to provide a complete keyboard experience, and as such we will be releasing switches, lube, stabilizers, and a many other items to facilitate your keyboard building process.


We look forward to the rest of 2022, see you soon.