WestM - Cotton Candy
WestM - Cotton Candy
WestM - Cotton Candy

WestM - Cotton Candy

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If only I had some cotton candy


  • Gold plated USB-A connector
  • Non-stamped Type-C connector (More durable than stamped)
  • 24AWG for less resistance and higher power capacitance (Other cable makers only use 28AWG)
  • 4-pin Aviator connector
  • Total length with coil ~1.7m (Not including 12cm of coil)
  • USB 2.0
  • Power: 5V (Current output depends on power source)


    Please note : Like other hand made cables, high powered keyboards like the ALT(CTRL does work with our cable) may not work due to low power output of USB ports (Hubs may output more). For reference our cables work with Vortex Pok3r 3 LE (60% RGB), Coolermaster MK750 (Full sized RGB keyboard), and the KBParadise V60 (60% none RGB).


    Please check the wiring before using our cables with aviators from other cable makers as their wiring could be different!

    WestM Wiring:

    • 1 -> GND
    • 2 -> Data+
    • 3 -> Data-
    • 4 -> 5V