Mechanical Keyboard Cable - Milk

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  • Hande made
  • Type-A to Type-C non-stamped
  • 24AWG for reduced power loss and THICC action
  • 4-pin Aviator connector
  • Length ~1.7m (+12cm if coil completely stretched)
  • Coils that hold shape
  • USB 2.0



High powered keyboards such as the ones below work with our reference USB ports on Asus Z370-F, Dell U2518D, Evolv ATX.

  • Coolermaster MK750
  • Drop CTRL/ALT
  • Ducky One 2 mini

Like other hand made cables in rare cases the cable may not work with your keyboard because of the USB port power source. If you are unsure if your USB port is delivering enough power please do not purchase.


Please Note:

Our current bubble wrap packaging can be a bit too tight and cables may not sit completely flat.

Please check the wiring before using our cables with aviators from other cable makers as their wiring could be different!

WestM Wiring:

  • 1 -> GND
  • 2 -> Data+
  • 3 -> Data-
  • 4 -> 5V